Cannot save

Everytime I run the comand save in my rhino, it doesn’t save and it start to appear in the comand prompt creating meshes… press esc to cancel.

Someone can please help me??? is kind of urgent.


Hi Leonardo - please try SelBadObjects - does anything light up? You might also make sure that all views are in Wireframe display mode before you hit Save.


is always better to save it while in the wireframe mode??

ok, i could save it, but whenever i turn back to shaded or any other mode, it goes back to the same problem again, even if I delete the badobjects

Not at all, it was just to trick Rhino into saving in this case. The thing to do now is find the object that is not meshing correctly - Try: if the file has a lot of layers, make a new layer and set it as current, turning off all other layers (OneLayerOn command). Then, with a view in Shaded mode, turn on the layers one by one until this meshing message shows up - you can then use Hide to Hide half of the objects on that layer at a time to try to narrow it down.