Cannot run OpenStudio?

I just want to try to run the example file Indoor_PMV_Comfort published on the website, but it does not work for me because even if I turn on the toggle to run the simulation it still shows no sign of running the simulation. I don’t see any error and it seems that the plugin also found the installations of OpenStudio and Enregyplus. Just not responding and no error message.

Hi - Please post that question on the LB|HB forum here:

Make sure to take some time to read through some posts so that you earn the right to post a gh file. I’m afraid that people won’t get far with just a picture. Also, try to check where the problem occurs and internalize data and remove components that are not needed to reproduce a problem.

That said, I notice that the Fly HB component is orange. That might mean that there’s something wrong with the installation on your system.