Cannot find ON_Surface::CreateCubicLoft


I am looking at ON_Surface::CreateCubicLoft in the documentation, which is surprisingly detailed, but the function is missing from the library. Has this function been removed? If so, what other function can I use to loft an array of Bezier Curves?

Currently, I am using ON_BezierSurface::Loft, but due to the uniform parametrization method, the function returns terrible results for non mathematically defined curves and shapes.

Example using ON_BezierSurface::Loft:
The wiggly interpolating effect is because of the uniform parametrization method.

Example using the cubic loft from another 3d software:
No wiggly effect because it uses cubic interpolation.

Assuming that ON_Surface::CreateCubicLoft has been removed from the library, is there any way to parametrize the ON_BezierSurface::Loft function?

@Constantinos_Glynos - the online document for openNURBS is for the version that ships with Rhino. The free, open source version of openNURBS does not contain the method you’ve mentioned.

– Dale

ah ok! fair enough. Thank you very much Dale! :slight_smile: