Can’t handle linework like AutoCAD

What do you mean?

They stopped the development of the plugin one month ago. We are not able to use it anymore. It was very useful.

Rumor or true?
Any official statement about this?

they officially announce that.

Thank you all so much for you input.
This is what I have found already logged in our tracking system.

Do you mean “block” by adjusting the width of the words and letters out so they are both right and left justified like a book? We have this as RH-24598 Add Left and Right text justification.
I have added your vote for this feature.

Yes, this is on YT as RH-35493 Text should support superscript and subscript
I have added your vote for this feature.

This is also on YT as RH-29232 Complex SHP Linetypes (2d Linetypes wish)
I have also added your vote for this feature.

This was logged as RH-145 Geometry page in Properties. I have added your vote.

I agree. I have logged a Wish RH-73639 Polyline Mask for objects.

I have logged RH-73641 “One Pick” Hatch

We already have this on the list. RH-145 Geometry page in Properties

I have also added a YT that links all of these together as RH-73643 More Like CAD Wishes
Let me know if I forgot anything.

Mary Ann Fugier

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Does anyone else find it amusing in a pitiful sort of way that today’s issue #75639 is an add-on to issue #145 (which is traceable back to another issue created in 1998)? And not a moment in the meantime to write some code.

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Hi Mich -

That image didn’t tell me much…
You mention both a 5 millimeter rounding and a 0.5 millimeter rounding?
What units are you working in?

Sorry, the 0.5mm was a typo. Everything is rounded to 0.5 cm.

The dimensions are in meters, except when its smaller than 1 meter, then its in centimeter. Thats why there is a 12.5 cm dimension next to a 3.04 meter dimension in the image.

But i understand that its probably not a good fit for Rhino, it being so sector and region specific. Stock AutoCad cant do it either, only the DACH arch vertical.