# can not export as a solid item in tekla even it is closed polysurface

please help me , I can not import this item as a solid to tekla eventhough it shows a closed polysurface in rhino. Thank you .

Post the Rhino file of your object so someone can take a look at it…

sure , here is the rhino file for my issue .
For rhino discussion.3dm (2.9 MB)

Look at the bottom end of your object. It’s a mess.

I deleted one subsurface after another and found a very small subsurface.

Unfortunately the boundary is not planar.

How did you create this object?

If you explode and join the surfaces again, what do you see?

i just created this object, by creating surface from curve of reference model. is there any way that I can fix this one? When I explode this object and join again also, it still show closed solid polysurface.

I would rebuild this segment:

Unfortunately the resulting cone surface cannot be split since your object is not very accurate.

I think rebuilding from scratch would be the best thing.

A spherical object like this with multiple arrayed objects would benefit from being built on the origin.

ok , thank you for your reply , I will try to rebuild again

Hi @Jenny_Thoon1
The entire front face is a bad object, probably due to a bad trim curve. There’s the small surface at the bottom that @martinsiegrist already mentioned and also in the middle, bottom cut-out there’s 3 VERY small slivers, with almost 0 area (on the left side of the cut). Also there are some really weird continuity errors on some of the surfaces and well… the list goes on. In short, the object is a mess. Fixed by entending some surfaces, rebuiling others, re-fitting, triming etc. Here’s a good object (good as in “not bad, but still a mess”) but I would suggest you take care and be a lot more precise in your work going forward. Make sure to keep curves and surfaces as simple as possible, making sure that ends meet up precisely. Use Osnaps, grid etc. to make sure that you geometries align, share the same center point (when intended) and generally line up. Also make sure that you have CheckNewObjects set to Yes, so that when you accidentally create a bad object, Rhino will alert you.
For rhino discussion_JN.3dm (2.7 MB)

HTH, Jakob
PS I moved the whole thing to 0,0,0 to make it easier to work on :slight_smile:


Thank you . Your suggestion help me alot . :innocent: