Can I use Rhino Inside to unit test Rhino Python code?

Hi all, I’d like to fire off unit tests fairly frequently while developing rhino python code in VS code.

This involves two challenges

  1. What the best practice for sending python code into rhino?
  2. How should I best mock up user input?

It looks like Rhino inside could be an answer for both items - it handles reloading libraries, can build a headless rhino environment, and - as far as I understand it - can let me simulate user input (in the worst case I could mock Rhino.Input). It might even be possible to put everything in a nice clean docker imagine.

Questions include:

  • can we run rhino python scripts outside of rhino?
  • has anyone done this for the purpose of testing user facing rhino scripts?
  • if so, could they share the recipe or a repo that has appropriate text fixtures in place?