Can I turn the "Tutorial" popup on startup back on?

My bad, turned it off. Can’t find a setting anywhere that I can use to turn it back on.

Or where can I find the videos?


Hi Monte -

Perhaps @DavidRutten knows the answer to that question.

The Getting started with Grasshopper opening dialog box doesn’t link to videos. It allows you to open 7 tutorial definitions and those can be accessed from the Help > Tutorial Files menu as well.

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Thanks. I’ve seen those too. But I thought there was a popup dialog on startup that linked to some videos for each of the tutorial files shown. I turned it off, I’d like to turn it back on but can’t find any setting anywhere I’ve looked.

Hi -

No, the pop-up dialog only links to those tutorial Grasshopper files.

Ok. I’d still like to turn it back on though. Thanks.


Uninstall and reinstall Rhino and check once. If you still need that pop window with tutorials.


Hoping to not go there. thx

I can’t remember where the settings for those are, but they are probably in the xml files inside the settings folder. Open it via the grasshopper file menu and delete the xml files. It’ll revert to factory defaults.

You can also search the xml files for a setting called “Tutorials:Show” and set its value to true.

private void RunScript(bool showTutorials)
  Grasshopper.CentralSettings.ShowTutorials = showTutorials;
} (2.9 KB)


Mahdiyar, that worked, thanks.

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Mahdiyar’s script worked. I guess there aren’t any videos.