Can DisplayPipeline AddClippingPlane method activate specific viewport?

Hi all,

I am working on custom clipping box plug-in with DisplayPipeline.AddClippingPlane method that attach clipping plane of each faces of Box object.
It works fine but the plane clips objects on all viewports, if I moved the plane.
I need to turn on and off the clipping view of each viewport like “Top” = on, "Front = off, “Rhight”= on.
Is there any DisplayConduit method for that?
I went through Rhinocommon API and sample programs, but did not find solution yet.

Rhino.DisplayDisplayConduit.txt (2.1 KB)

Thank you


My program for clipping plane is this

class DrawClippingPlanesConduit : Rhino.Display.DisplayConduit
        private readonly ClipGumballBox d_box;
        private readonly Point3d[] d_corners;
        private readonly Point3d d_center;
        private readonly Point3d XplusCenter;
        private readonly Vector3d XplusVec;
        private readonly Point3d XminusCenter;
        private readonly Vector3d XminusVec;
        private readonly BoundingBox m_bbox;

        public DrawClippingPlanesConduit(ClipGumballBox box)
            d_box = box;
            //edge_lines = d_box.BoundingBox.GetEdges();
            m_bbox =;
            d_corners =;
            d_center = d_box.Center;

            Plane planeXplus = new Plane(d_corners[2], d_corners[1], d_corners[6]);
            XplusCenter = planeXplus.ClosestPoint(d_center);
            XplusVec = new Vector3d(d_center - XplusCenter);

            Plane planeXminus = new Plane(d_corners[0], d_corners[3], d_corners[4]);
            XminusCenter = planeXminus.ClosestPoint(d_center);
            XminusVec = new Vector3d(d_center - XminusCenter);


        protected override void CalculateBoundingBox(CalculateBoundingBoxEventArgs e)

        protected override void PreDrawObjects(DrawEventArgs e)
            e.Display.AddClippingPlane(XplusCenter, XplusVec);
            e.Display.AddClippingPlane(XminusCenter, XminusVec);

    public class ClippingBox : Rhino.Commands.TransformCommand
        public Box basebox;
        static DrawClippingPlanesConduit m_draw_clipping_planes;
	protected override Result RunCommand(RhinoDoc doc, RunMode mode)
	to do program here
	m_draw_clipping_planes = new DrawClippingPlanesConduit(base_box);
        m_draw_clipping_planes.Enabled = true;