Can ati v7900 gpu render in rhino?

Could anyone help me solve the problem,plz? 
My video display card is ATI-V7900
(**)means question !!

Can I use this video card rendering in rhino?
The card didn’t receive any rendering mission from rhino V5 which put the mission to CPU running always got 100%. If the card can be used to Rhino rendering, how can I set it to use it for the rendering?
**Do any driver/drivers suitable for me?"
Do I need install any specific driver, If I am also using another software like 3DS, revit
*I used GUP viewer check for the GPU usage and vision on the open CL.It is 1.2 vision.Now I want to update the display card vision to 2.0 so that I visit AMD openCL2.0 page,but I don’t know does it support win 7 64 bit.

PLZ help me thank you very much.

The basic Rhino renderer does not do GPU rendering.

Somewhere in the (near-ish, where near is determined by developer speed and success) future RhinoCycles, the render engine plug-in I’m working on for Rhino WIP will eventually be able to use AMD GPUs through OpenCL (technical discussion over at Blender developer portal). Right now it’s CUDA-only, but once the discussed OpenCL patch has been pushed to the main code for Cycles I can merge this into my own plug-in and enable that…


Thank you very much.

Nathan,thank you very much!
I still have some things not clear the part of the plug-in (OpenCL)
I understand it cannot work with rhino in GPU ,but in your words it could run the rendering in rhino with my card using OpenCL after I install the plug-in that you above-mentioned. Am I right ??

Igot some info from here

Cuda is designed for nV hardware, not good for ATi hardware, you don’t make CUDA for for ATi, you make the application work for Brook+, Stream or OpenCL/Direct Computer

That’s means I can work with the card in rhino rendering?

Note that this is a plug-in that is still being developed. And indeed, at this very moment only CUDA is supported, but once the linked OpenCL work gets integrated into Cycles proper I can port that to my plug-in, after which this would then be available to RhinoCycles users as well. I don’t know the date for publication yet, but you can follow my YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with where the progress is going. My personal machine is pretty much an AMD machine, with an APU and a GPU - I really hope to be able to utilise those two for rendering through RhinoCycles eventually.

For now, Rhino Render doesn’t support GPU rendering, so this is something of the future :smile:


Thank you so much, I will follow your youtube :slight_smile: