C# turn object to List<List<int>> again

Do you know what I am doing wrong?
It is originally a List<List>
Can I turn the object to a List<List> again?

202203191333Q.gh (19.6 KB)

This an annoying beauty of grasshopper because you did not input datatree of int. Grasshopper does not know what is a list of lists.

So you must cast them in the code from object to a list of int.

Or if you are lazy, create new c# component write A=x which will convert your lists to a datatree

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How do you cast an object to a list of int in this situation?
Or is it in the business more usual to import things as datatrees? What means that I should have output the initial data as a datatree in the first place.

A=x; gives me the same input but than as an output.

Set input type object then iteratate lists and cast them i.e. var list = (List < int> )x[i];

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I don’t understand System.Collectins.Generic.List
I think I have to do something with that.

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Seems that you also need to iterate items and cast objects to int.

Also worth to test cast with keyword as.

There are bunch of answers here too:

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Hi, do you have the origin data for List<List> ?
I did some casting test for you already, but seems like there’s no valid int inside.

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grasshopper can’t output list of list or array of array directly otherwise you will get a list of objects. The right way is to use “DataTree” or “GH_Structure”.

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Learn C# what else?

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BTW you can’t unbox “straight” an object in a collection - for more than obvious reasons.

BTW: Since long time you have the answer on hand (The catigator case and the likes). But long is the path (and hilly).

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Your problem is mainly that you converted yout “object” into an actual string.
You probably did something like this:

Passing through a panel convert any object into a plain text!
Check this:

Your “Data” parameter contains nothing more than a simple List of strings/texts.

Your “System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.Int32]” object are just 47-character-long strings.

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ListOfLists.gh (7.2 KB)

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Thank you :grin:

:fearful::cold_sweat::sweat_smile: forgive me, that is so stupid of mine… :point_right:t2:.:point_left:t2::sweat_smile: I internalised it as a string :cold_sweat: thank you :grin::sweat_smile: (me trying to fade out this blunder with emojis)

Wait … attached the wrong thing (blame the state of things in AMG W13 car [F1] that is a 100% pig > how Lewis can grab the 8th crown with this aero disaster ???).

I’ll attach the correct C# soon.

In the mean time get (again) a “general” (of some sort) case:

Collections_TheArtOfPointless_V1A.gh (123.4 KB)

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For some hardcore machoists. If you like List of List of List of List of int you can wrap that collection into a Tuple of List of List of List of List of int … This allows you to pass it from one component into another as a single object. All you need to do then is cast that single object into a Tuple of List of List of List of List of int and access the collection item. :wink:

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Not quite so: what if the World is NOT made solely from R/GH? (thus DataTrees are more or less … blah, blah)