C# Recompute specific component


How can I recompute specific component when I push the button in C# ?


Try this:

// Rolf

Thank you for the reply.

I already tried your method.
However, my component has problem with something that it will calculate only when recomputed(F5).

Re-computing a component once with a button input is tricky. A component will re-compute when the input changes. When pressing and depressing a button this will happen twice.
Rather than using an input, you could just use the “Enable” button on the right click or middle mouse click menus.
You can also add a keyboard shortcut for this under Settings > Interface > Shortcuts > Enable selected.

If you don’t need to solve it all in the same component, Metahopper can assist here, with the “Expire Object” component.

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Here you have a C# version of what makes Metahopper but selecting the component by its nickname.
Recompute component.gh (5.4 KB)