c#_Extruding multiple Curves inside eachother_ExtrudeCurve command

Hi All,
I have more or like 1000 of brackets (curve geometries) which I need to extrude with various thicknesses. I am trying to write c# command that does that.

I do not want to get the cut-outs in brackets by using boolean operations. I want to have something similar like rhino ExtudeCurve command.

see the below result in with rhino extrusion command and with grasshopper.
I am able to get required result with grasshopper but by using boolean operation that I want to avoid.

any help in this regard would be really great!

Find attached image

Hi @obhagwat29,

Other than extruding the curves into closed Breps and then performing a Boolean difference to remove the inner sections (which is what the ExtrudeCrv command does), the only alternative I can think of is to create a trimmed surface from the input curves and then use BrepFace.CreateExtrusion to create the extrusion.

– Dale