C++ deletion of custom grip points (one or many)

Our control cage structure actually allows for the deletion of points from the control cage structure. However, in rhino when I select grip(s) and tap delete, nothing happens (which is to be expected)

What is the easiest way to allow rhino to call a method in my CRhinoGripObject or CRhinoObjectGrips subclasses when the user tries to delete a grip?

I tried implementing IsDeletable with no effect.

Hi @gccdragoonkain,

This from CRhinoObjectGrips:

    Rhino calls DeleteGrips() when some of the object's grips
    are deleted.  If the object supports grip deletion, like
    meshes, then DeleteGrips() should create a new object
    by deleting the indicated grips.
    Pointer to the new object if successful.  Rhino will
    take care of adding this object to the document.
  CRhinoObject* DeleteGrips( 
       ON_SimpleArray<int>& deleted_grips 

Does this help?

– Dale

Huge help. Breakpoint hit. Thanks Dale!