C++ C# Sharing common library based on the Moose Example


I am trying to update the Voronax GH Plug-in to Rhino 6. The Plug-in uses a C++ core library, so I based it more or less on the Moose example ( GitHub - dalefugier/Moose: Demonstrates how to share a common library with both a C++ and a C# plug-in.).

When updating I first used the Migrator and then followed the manual C++ migration to check it…and everything is ok with the “Moose” part (Migrator did most of the work there), but I cannot get the “MooseCoreLib” part to work (Migrator did not change anything there)

I changed both stdafx.h for Mosse and MooseCoreLib as described. However, “#define RHINO_V6_READY” is for some reason not seen in the MooseCoreLib stdafx.h…and when I try to compile it, it confirms my assumptions by giving me:

fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘RhinoSdkStdafxPreamble.h’: No such file or directory

Is there any advice on how I can “see” RHINO_V6_READY from MooseCoreLib? What could be the difference between the Moose part and MooseCoreLib part? I think that the Migrator changed something in the Moose part that I am not aware of, and I need to do that in the MooseCoreLib part as well…


Hi @dimcic,

I’ve updated the Moose sample for Rhino 6.


Just pull the 6 branch.

– Dale

@dale any chance to update Moose sample for Rhino 7?

@rolandoavillena1 - Rhino 6 plug-ins work in Rhino 7…

– Dale

I’ve updated Moose to support Rhino 7 proper. Make sure to checkout the 7 branch.

– Dale

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