Button on/off staying on

Thanks you very much for the time you spent, Andrew.
I think it will help - i imagined a solution such as this one. I’ll let you now :slight_smile:

Well i met the same problem using the decoupled scenario. After some tests, the HUI button was staying on True value systematically (even after manually having disabled and enabled it), until I delete the Create Button component and create a new one. Painfull…

Here is a clue :
In the VB component started with the Button, I have been replacing the following line, warning the end of the Word generation to the user :

Rhino.UI.Dialogs.ShowMessageBox(“It’s finished!”)


System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show(“It’s finished!”).

(I did that because Rhino.UI.Dialogs.ShowMessageBox() has been been removed in Rhino 6 and i want a code compatible with both Rhino 5 and Rhino 6)

With the System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show() call, the bug is systematic, not depending on that fact that the decoupled scenario is implemented or not.


Is there a way to detect the end of the slow/long running function, and then force the HUI button to False, without Grasshopper detecting a loop in the definition ?



I’m having the same issue and it’s very annoying. The button stay on true as well but only when I use the button to start a simulation.

Is there any update?

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We have found a palliative which does the job : put a “Expire solution” component (Human plug-in) activated with the values Listener of the button.


that’s… not recommended. You should never expire a “create” component after the window has launched.

Hello Andrew,

Still struggling with this problem.
Any idea how to fix it ?

I’m forced to open the hood of the definition and get my hands dirty by baking the old fashioned way :frowning:

I’ve given you everything I’ve got on this one, sorry.

Hi Andrew,

I’m facing the same issue even with the new update of Rhino/Grasshopper. If I have a button on the canvas instead of Human UI then the problem is fixed. But it’s not the best way. I wish we could do something about it.


The “decoupled” approach above - with a toggle rather than a button - has worked in every case I’ve ever encountered personally. Button on/off staying on
Beyond that you’ll have to do some custom scripting to trigger your simulation - such as launching it from a delayed “ScheduleSolution” call if possible.

Hi all – this is a problem I’ve run into many times, it often happens when using a button to trigger a Rhino command or other system event that opens a dialog.

Not sure if this will work with a long-running simulation but the solution I have used in the past is something I call a “Spoof Button Release” component, which essentially is a component that accepts a boolean input and when true, schedules a solution with about 100ms delay. You use this component directly after a True-Only button. Here’s a C# version of the custom component I use.

SpoofButtonRelease.gh (10.7 KB)


always works True after clicking. how to treat it? :pleading_face:

sometimes there are no such problems…

As mentioned in another thread, I’m using a keyboard triggered button and have since not had problems with a button.

Thread regarding Elefront baking problems:

And the keyboard shortcut:

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yes i am using. Elefront Bake :upside_down_face:

So maybe try the button shortcut I mentioned. I think the only downside to Elefront bake all is that you will have to plug in the Grasshopper button to all bake components manually

I rebuilt the button nodes. it helped no problem …
I use the Elefront because it can bake and connect to a group.

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In this post maybe a step for a solution, i try the code but the problem with expire solution

button.gh (4.9 KB)

So I managed to created a minimal example of this:
MinimalExampleOfStuckButton.gh (71.1 KB)

I guess what happens is something along the lines of:
Active interface is Grasshopper
Grasshopper listens to mouse click down
The click down CHANGES the active interface to Rhino temporarily. (same with Baking)
Grasshopper can no longer listen (because it’s not active interface) and will not notice that I release the mouse button
Hence it stays True

I´m facing the same issue :frowning: