Toggle button send its value more than one time


In another topic (*) i discovered that the Toggle sometimes send its ‘true’ value more that one time. It’s annoying since it throws some big component.

My Toggle is on a tabbed view, with 3 tabs. The problem seems to never occur when i put the toggle on the first tab, but it does when it is on the third !



(*) Big VB component (involuntarily) runs in a loop

If you can set up a file in which this issue is reproduced, I’m happy to take a look; but as it stands I cannot reproduce the problem and cannot investigate. Putting a toggle on a 3rd tab has no effect on its behavior, attaching a recorder shows the expected behavior. The only other thing I can think is that perhaps you’re driving one UI element with the value listener results from another (without using a proper “set” pattern) - Does the “add elements” component attached to your window turn orange with an error message? This could conceivably be part of the double-execution problem.