Bump in Network Srf

Problem64.3dm (274.9 KB)

I am trying to create a surface over this shape. The problem with the shape is the mandatory curve at the right. I’ve tried to break the surface into sections. I am trying to fill the last gap but, as the picture shows, making the surfaces tangent causes an odd bump.

How could I get around this?

In the file, the red lines are fixed but the purple ones can be played with.

Hi Jim - I don’t know if this gets you anything you like:

  1. NetworkSrf with History
  2. Adjust the ‘far’ curve to fine tune the surface closer to the complex curve. The green curve is Pulled to the surface with History to help dial it in.
  • New Tangent network above.
  • When the surface seems close enough to that curve, trim it.

Problem64_PG.3dm (143.3 KB)



Although I am not sure this is going to work for me in this situation (it may for others). The problem is the planar lines are the most visible on the object. Even the slightest deviation is readily apparent. The sides are much more flexible.

Changed the left two purple lines into degree 5 curves, and used setpoint to
align bottom three control points, then networksrf.
Is this acceptable solution?

Problem64_changedegree.3dm (82.1 KB)

Thanks all.

I ended up using a combination of both suggestions above. I used enabled history and adjusted the curves to get read of the bumps at the seem. Due to the oddity of the shape it is impossible to get read of all bumps but we do the best we can.