Building Pad - offset from Reference level

Is it possible like parameter access in Rhino.Inside to offset building Pad in the z-axis. Revit Parameter is ‘Height offset from Level’.


What do you mean?
Read access or write access?

Currently, i am looking how to write in revit.
when i have collection of closed curve want to offset from given level. Data to transfer from rhino.inside to revit.

Hello, the Pad category seems to be missing in RIR Categories picker. Now I can’t make a building pad.

Building pad has its own create component now

Use the Set Parameter component to set the desired value on the offset parameter in Revit


Hi ehsan, it’s still asking me to give a type though. Unfortunately i can’t give one because the Pad category can’t be found in the Categories picker.

It’d be great if you can share screenshots of the GH definition so I can see the components and chains of events

Having the same issue now-

I have the Add Building Pad module, however it cant be used since I can’t figure out how to input ‘Building Pad Type’ into the Type input-

What’s the best way to quickly get a type parameter based on a known string of the family name?

Query Types is what you are looking for.


Still having trouble getting the Building Pad node to work - Can anyone show a screenshot of an example they got working?

I’ve got a topo pulled in, and playing with some rectangles where I’d like to try a pad. Just can’t seem to get a ‘Type’ to plug in to the ‘Add Building Pad’ node.


Since Pads are subcategory of Site category, querying their type might be a bit tricky. I hope attached definition does the job.

Add Building (11.3 KB)

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Awesome - Thanks!

The second value picker was blank until I manually created a pad in the file. Once I completed a random scrap pad, the value picker showed up with Pad 1 option and I as able to then control the pad.

Thank you for your time


Glad it worked. If this solved your problem, kindly mark it as “Solution”.

You saved me a lot of hours