Building opennurbs_public with VisualStudio2022 results in compiler error

Install OpenNurbs from mcneel/opennurbs
Open opennurbs_public.sln with VisualStudio2022
Build the project opennurbs_public for Release:X64

opennurbs\opennurbs_lookup.cpp(713): fatal error C1001: Internal compiler error.

712 struct ON_SerialNumberMap::SN_ELEMENT* ON_SerialNumberMap::FirstElement() const
713 {

Project opennurbs_public for Debug:X64 builds fine.
Project opennurb_public_staticlib builds fine for both Debug:x64 and Release:X64

There is a related bug Error: Building package pcl:x64-windows failed with: BUILD_FAILED · Issue #19561 · microsoft/vcpkg (

Hi @cyberjack,

Did you retarget the project to use Visual Studio 2022 (v143)? We have not begun the migration to VS2022, so I guess I’m not surprised by the error.

– Dale

support for VS2019 has ended, and MS suggest to transfer to VS2022.
Would you please migrate OpenNURBS at some point?


Hi @xliotx,

Support for Visual Studio 2019 has not ended.

That said, we will providing support for Visual Studio 2022 in openNURBS sometime, I don’t know when. Honestly, it probably works today.

– Dale

Sorry, I guess probably I’m not on the latest VS2019.

FYI, VS2022 does not work for openNUBRS at the moment.

If you keep the platform toolset at Visual Studio 2019 (v142), then you can build using VS2022. This requires you’ve installed the Visual Studio 2019 tool using the Visual Studio Installer.

As I has said above, We have not begun the migration to VS2022, so I guess I’m not surprised by any build errors.

– Dale

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