BUG/WISH - V8 - Section Tools

Hi @rajaa ,
it’s me again.
I found very hard to place the section when they’re done.
I saw the _PlacementPoint option in the edit but it takes too many click and operations.
I made my macro

But still is too long process to place the drawing and align them (adding on top the bug it makes working with it impossible).

My wish is to being able to move the section from any point and by selecting it.
My dream workflow should be like any other geometry: select, move, starting point, reference point. DONE.

Could you at least make the insertion point visible and able to be placed everywhere
It could work like it is for the Hatches.

Thanks To consider it

@skysurfer Trying to think load here, suppose when you select a section (clipping-plane), the drawing “placement point” appears as a “control point”. You can then move it to update the location of the drawing (if there is one). Is that an acceptable workflow?

I’m rethinking the use of grip-point to default to the center of the drawing. It is not intuitive to use, and fixing it to the center helps solve the current critical bug to keep the location of the drawing consistent when adding new objects to the model and updating the drawing. Right now, the drawing jumps when add new objects and update the drawing.

This would be a good enhancement for sure.
Better would be to be able to manage the bounding box of a section like a detail view so you can grab any point and move them in a precise location.