Bug report: mapping changes when editing rotated block


I think that there is a problem with mapping inside blocks:

  • make box, map it with box mapping
  • make block using that box
  • rotate block, e.g. by 30 deg
  • edit block, confirm editing
    Widget position will change.

Best regards.

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Got that, thanks!

Bug report: http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-24656
(these are not, currently, visible to the public)


Hi Pascal,

After 20140609 problem exist but it differs a bit now:

  • make a box, map it with box mapping
  • make block
  • gumball rotate block a little e.g. 5 deg
  • edit block and show widget
    Widget will rotate 10 deg, but will keep its position every time block is edited unless block is moved/rotated. Previously widget moved/rotated every time block has been edited.

Best regs.

Hi Alex- OK, thanks- that bug item is still on the pile, so as far as I can see nothing has changed there.