Bug loading svg file

When I try load this svg (and others) like a button, Rhino 8 crash.

Thanks; I added this to our bugtracking system at

Hi! Some news about this bug?

If you click on the bug report link Steve posted, you’ll see it is “Open”.
That means Steve has seen it and it is on his pile to work on.
The Release target is 8.x meaning he intends to figure it out within the V8 life cycle, but has not yet committed as to when.
He gets to set the priority on his Open items, and currently there are bigger problems.

FWIW - I saved the SVG file from the bug report.
I dragged it into an open Rhino V8 (Windows) session, and chose the Import option. It came in no problem.

I am running an in-house 8.4 build that will eventually be released as SR4.
I don’t know if it was fixed, if some other fix sorted this issue too, or if there is something special about your setup that is the problem.
We’ll see what Steve finds.

Nuevo2.3dm (88.1 KB)


Ok. Thank you very much!!
(I’ve tried in version 8.4 and Rhino continue crashing)

There are no crash reports in the system with your email address.
To find the problem and fix this, we need those details or to be able to repeat the problem.

I was able to repeat the crash so in this specific case a crash report is not needed. In general it is always helpful for us to send in a crash report with your contact information included.

I try to import this svg files and Rhino 8 crash.

Finally I’ve fount the problem!
It have too much resolution!
Now I’ve done with less resolution and work well. :grinning: