Bug In Eto GridView

This grid view was working fine a few versions back ( sorry I dunno when it got broken )
but now as You may see when a combo item is selected (often but not always) no event is fired
and the grid view row flashes.
It seems something has changed in the EtoGridView, I have updated to latest dev release but
still same behavior.


Here code snippet if it helps on how a combo is created

					ComboBox combo = new ComboBox();
					combo.ReadOnly = true;
					combo.Enabled = HasLayerData();
					combo.Items.Add("        ");
					int selected_index = 0;
					int index = 1;
					foreach (KeyValuePair<string, ixCurveDataItem> item in  

if (curveData != null)
if (curveData.Name == item.Key && curveData.isValid)
selected_index = index;
combo.SelectedIndexChanged += CurveChange;

					mReloading = 1;
					combo.SelectedIndex = selected_index;
					mReloading = 0;

					return combo;

sorry This is a ETO TreeGridView and not a GridView


It has to do with the GridView.AllowEmptySelection property, which is true by default. Toggling it to false will likely make it work as expected.