[BUG] ghgl Edit code... window stuck behind Grasshopper!

Hi @stevebaer,

Unfortunately, the Edit code… window of ghgl v7.1.0 - installed through PackageManager - still doesn’t appear to be working right in the latest, stable release of Rhino 7 (7.2.21012.11002, 2021-01-12) for macOS.

At first I thought that the previous issue with the window not popping up at all, still wasn’t fix. Then I noticed that it simply opens behind the Grasshopper window!

2021-01-14 16-03-57.2021-01-14 16_07_03

Like at Playboy Mansion - where everything that happens in the grotto, stays in grotto -, the editor window also remains positioned behind the Grasshopper window no matter what!

Guess I need to wait for another update. :slight_smile:

Setting the glLineWidth… parameter for the GL Shader component also does nothing. The displayed line width remains the same, whether I change it to 0.1 or 16.0! However, glPointWidth… seems to be working fine.

Addendum II
Wow, otherwise the code editor is great. Your autosolve works fast and code completion is snappy, too! Can you please implement these amazing changes in the GHPython component, which editor-wise has been - sorry - a trainwreck since Rhino 5? Great job! :slight_smile:

Addendum III
Using _time also doesn’t seem to work! Nothing is animated, but when I constantly recompute things move.

Addendum IV
Each time you double-click the GL Shader component or select Edit code… while right-clicking on it, an individual editor window gets opened! I didn’t notice that, until I tried to close Rhino (and it crashed). The code editor windows were hidden behind the Rhino window.

You need to set Draw Mode to GL_LINES, GL_LINE_LOOP, or GL_LINE_STRIP for the line width to have any effect

I got pretty far on this feature in V7, but still need to do quite a bit of work to solve the case of not completely locking up Rhino when you accidentally create an infinite loop while typing.

Works for me. I’m not currently testing on a Mac though

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Yes, I know. I followed your tutorial on Vimeo. It does not work, I’m telling you. I’m not exactly a total shader noob. I’ve messed with OpenGL in C++. :wink:


Doesn’t seem to work here. I also got this from your tutorial, the code I mean. Maybe somebody else could verify this?