[BUG] Copy one object and Paste unexpected more objects

Bug Link: RH-74883

Hello forum,
I will make a better bug report this week.
I was copying and past but past was not expected.
Any idea?
I close Rhino, and the problem persists. We need to restart.
Still trying to isolate the problem to make a bug report.

Bug Report: AM33

are you working with groups ?
is the selected object grouped ?

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Yes (the rim) was in a group before.
I probably ungroup it (out from wheel spokes) and change its layer.
Then I selected to copy it .
But notice in the video,
When I selected was not on a group
notice in the video, when I passed it :

  • that the rim (the actual good mesh) is selected ( in yellow)
  • and the bad additional wheel spokes are not selected ( in black).

Hi Alan - that does seem weird - if you Export the same selection to a new file, what ends up in tht file?


I saved the original file where the copy was executed, not the past result. Sorry.
For debugging, you need the past result probably.

Hi Pascal, are you able to play the video?
I can describe it to you: First I copy a wheel rim surface in one Rhino,
And then, in a second Rhino, I passed the rim. But there was also the tire spoke.

Out of the video
After this, I try to copy just the nut and in the second Rhino, pass it. Same the nut was containing the tire spoke.
I close the Rhino file and reopen it and the issue persists.
I restart Pc and the problem was gone.

Hi Alan - my question is, if you select the thing that you copy - rim or nut - and Export to a new file rather then copy, what is in that new file?


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That was yesterday. I will experiment with exporting also next time I encounter the issue.

Ho pascal glory of god go to sleep it’s late!

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@AlanMattano - in order to better understand the issue, we are going to need the model and step-by-step instructions on how to repeat the CopyToClipboard/Paste bug you’ve reported.


– Dale

I restarted my PC and the debugging model did not trigger the issue.

I avoid using blocks because I am rearranging some block objects across different layers, This causes additional problems with showing and hiding. The next time I come across this bug, I will remember to save the copied clipboard file and export one as Pascale suggested. I will then upload them and attach them to this bug report.