Buckling modes in Karamba


I am trying to get the buckling lenghts from a certain model, but when i try to connect the Buckling Modes component, its tells me the following error:

  1. The model has no second order forces NII defined for which a buckling load factor could be computed.

I made a simple beam that has fixed supports at the ends. The buckling lenghts should be Lbuck < Ltotal. But it tells me at the results that the Lbuck = Ltotal. How can i fix this? Is there a way to change the buckling lenght or to make it automaticly change it for the given/calculated beam?

Hi, you need to either calculate your model in Second Order to get second order forces in your model, otherwise you can also manually apply them to the elements.
The ModifyElement component allows you to set the Buckling Length but also the Second Order Forces:

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