Breps not valid

Some walls generated by VisualARQ2 sends errors when I try to reference in grassshopper objects from
an external file with elefront for example.
Everything is referenced fine when I reference directly from the openend file, even the “bad walls”.

When I explode the concerned walls, the check object returns a Not valid Brep error on some polysurface (not all even if some are visually identical)

Here is the sample file

SampleVA.3dm (19.8 MB)

Hi @flavien.bessiere I’m not sure if I can help here, since this issue involves an Elefront component that is out of our scope.
What I can see is that the walls that generate some bad objects are walls that are aligned. And when two walls are aligned one next to another, they may give some intersection issues. Try to create those two walls aligned as a single one, and create the wall on top of it that extends to the roof as another wall.
I hope this solves this problem.

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