Brep Vertices Sequencing and Normal Control

Surface Normal and Vertices Sequence.3dm (32.9 KB)


It will be really appreciated if someone could help sort out following issue.

Basically, I have two planar surfaces, with both their normals pointing downward, but the their vertices sequences are different: one clockwise and one counter-clockwise.

Is there way to make their vertices sequence all counter clockwise and keep all normals downwards?



Perhaps if you were to arrange them in the clockwise direction, you could make all normals downward?

It depends on the order you click points when you create the surface.

If you dont want to recreate the surface in Rhino, you can reverse the list of vertices and rebuild the surface in gh.

This is one method.

Surface Normal and Vertices (14.5 KB)

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Currently, both normals are downwards, yet the sequences of vertices are opposite.

Thank you. It’s very helpful.

The thing is, there are some inconsistencies of order of vertices between Deconstruct Brep and Discontinuity.
I’m not sure it’s a bug or not…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: (12.6 KB)