Brep split glitch


Sorry to bother with “another” silly bug.
Not asking for help - just asking ‘why’.

I have a SubD of a Russian weight:

I just want to split the thing with two rectangle surfaces:

Just that.

Both Split and SplitMul fail. Why is that?

Yes the SubD was turned into a Brep first.

It works manually in Rhino…

What did I break this time??

Here’s a file: (1.2 MB)

to add a small tile to the investigation, if the two cutters are joined into a single cutter the thing works (which is not a step toward any solution, but it’s just a step in a random direction :thinking: )

in my mind it means the brep is “succesfully cuttable”, and the problem lies in the multiple cutters? [edit, I mean in the thing of being multiple, not in the cutters themselves] (1.2 MB)

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P.S. Scaling up the cutters wasn’t necessary. (1.2 MB)

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I wish we could know! What’s the point of “split with multiple breps” then :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thanks Inno.

Thanks @Joseph_Oster - I guess we go to war with what we have, though my ‘why’ is now a bigger WHY - as in WHY do we have to choose these workarounds? You’ve had to mesh it when we don’t want meshes (in this case). And, in fact, seeing that you scaled the splitters more, I initially did the same (before uploading internalized objects), say by a 1.1 factor (or enough for the intersections to be obviously/visibly larger). But “2” works.


Black Magix GIFs | Tenor

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I’m laughing so hard at that gif I can barely type :smiley:
…booleans also work pretty well… (1.2 MB)

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Isn’t there a way to turn a mesh into a SubD? Calling @magicteddy

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Here is a plugin solution.


Not that I’m going to install the plugin, but which plugin is it? No GH file :question:

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Oh,Sorry, forgot to say the name. Flexibility. Try it. :upside_down_face:


Very nice one.
Flexibility | Food4Rhino