Brep.SolidOrientation confusion

Hi there,

this is kind of trivial problem, but I am not quite sure if i understand Brep.SolidOrientation correctly.

I would assume that this is a Brep.SolidOrientation.Outward as the normals seem to point out of the closed volume of the brep.
Rhino.Common tells me this is Brep.SolidOrientation.Inward though.

In the documentation I did not find anything more specific, so I thought that someone here might help me understand this.


Hi @tobias.stoltmann,


The screen capture doesn’t help much. Is there anything else to look at?

– Dale

Hi @dale ,

well, I just tried to reproduce some item, but the orientation for everything I was able to create is Outward now.
Basically I just tried to understand what defines the orientation and how to check it.
But I also can totally live with the fact that I will check the orientation and flip it if it’s inward.