Brep minimum dimension


I am trying to find the minimum dimensions of a brep.
The brep has multiple faces, vertecies and edges.
I want the brep to have at least a given width in x and y direction.

The green dimensions are what I am searching for:

Has anybody an idea on how to calculate the minimum dimensions?

Thank you in advance!

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What does the tree structure look like? Can you post a file? Thanks

Of course, here is the example brep.
brep_min_dimensions.3dm (613.5 KB)

I found a workaround by using the goat optimizer in this configuration

But maybe someone has another idea without the use of goat, so that i do not have to trigger the optimizer everytim I am changing the brep (7.1 KB) (16.6 KB)

No geometry in your first post, no GH file in your last… :frowning:

Sorry, I have added the .gh in my optimization approach :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!

And how could I now ensure that the brep has a size of at least 45, for example, so that the minimum length in x and y is at least 45?
Is there a way to fill the brep with more faces at the appropriate places?

You can reverse the output of Sort ‘A’ to get the maximum edge dimensions in X and Y.

I have no idea what you mean :question:

I mean to add faces to the brep. So that the minimum dimension of the brep is a certain value, for example in the picture below 45

Will the faces always be 5x5 units arranged in a 20x20 grid?

Here’s a couple of methods. (89.1 KB)

Second method probably preferable because Solid Union can be rather slow.

Probably best to address your questions when you are creating these breps in the first place.


Thanks for your help!

No, the geometry can vary; the rectangle in this example is just a simplification, but it could also be any shape. Ultimately, I want to generate a certain subset of the original geometry so that on one hand, the outer contour of the original geometry as well as the face size is preserved, and on the other hand, the restriction of a minimum size for the subgeometry is considered.

Ultimately, the BREP is a representation derived from an FEA mesh.