Bounding Box Normal To Plane

Hi All,

I have some parts rotated say 45 degrees on X axis and I need to form bounding box on that plane.

I tried inserting normal plane extracted from a surface rotated 45 degrees and I connected it to bounding box plane but still bounding is not aligned to plane. Currently I am rotating negative 45 degrees of the parts and form bounding box and rotate bounding box again 45 degrees. How to avoid this step? Please Help (13.4 KB)

Provide the original GH file for you to start.

Done Kindly help

Are you after a thing like this? (13.0 KB)

Or you want the min fitted Box? (that’s a classic thingy done via code).

Thank you very with script which I might need for other things

but how plane works for you. I mean how bounding box is formed along plane but not in my script. See the attached (20.1 KB)

Er … hmm … I confess that I can’t get the gist of your issue.

Maybe you are after a min volume “oriented” Box? (See a very primitive take on that). (19.7 KB)

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The solution below provides either three (oriented) BoundingBoxes or a single BoundingBox for the entire group. Remove the “Group” component if you want three BoundingBoxes:

The result:

image (13.4 KB)

// Rolf

Instead of grouping you could right click the BoundingBox component and set it to union box


This is Exactly I need. Awesome work Baris!!! Simple and Neat