Boundary surface of a Undulating curve


(Karizmar36) #1

Hello everyone,
I have created this undulating surface in grasshopper and now I want to extract a circle in the middle of it, but I am unable to do so because the surface is not straight. Please if anyone knows how to do it, help me.

Thanking you
Kedar (8.5 KB)


You didn’t internalize your surface. (15.8 KB)

(David Rutten) #3

Boundary Surfaces can only be defined for (co)planar curves. Since you’re looking for a non-flat solution, you’ll have to use another method such as the one proposed by @Joseph_Oster.

(Karizmar36) #4

Very sorry, Joseph I forgot to internalize the surface and thank you very much for the help.

So, was it because I was using the mesh components?


(Karizmar36) #5

True that. Thank you very much David.