Boundary intersection showing up as red

Hey guys I’ve created a floor plan for a bathroom where each item in the bathroom has a boundary of space which architectural regulations give that no other furniture can enter into - eg: a space of 600mm is needed to be clear space in front of a toilet and if my other geometry of say a basin enters that it will show up red. Does anyone know any plugins or extensions that will help me come up with different possibilities of floor plan options dependant on these variables??

(sorry if I explained it badly)

Why the double thread? Did you forget you created that one?

No it did but I want to have something that comes up with like as many options for the space layout as possible where you don’t have to do the layout manually and it computes different options for you - do you get what I mean? :slight_smile:

Oh, so like a nesting algorithm applied to room furniture/equipment

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Yeah just like it computes different layout options for a variety of different floor space areas but follows the regulations and everything!

How did you do that?

Looks like you’ve got some work to do. :smiley:

How did you do that though? :(( hahhaha

It’s not mine. You can see clearly who made on the video.

Oh okay no worries thank you!!

This is one of the many ‘show off’ videos. I hate them, too. No contribution to science and engineering.

Thank you for wasting my time.

Not really, it says it is W.I.P. not ready for release (can only imgaine the bugs a complex system like that has). Many factors to consider in something like that, and probably is done as a hobbie, not as full time work. Good things take time.


:slight_smile: what did he do?

Does he have a deadline?

Not talking about prolonged delivery, but rather lack of source-release, or methodology explanation. These kinds of contributions. Simply showing off in a video is useless. If there was a source and he’s busy finishing it, or burned out, or whatever, someone could take over and finish it.

He double-posted and didn’t adequately describe what he really wanted. My reply on the previous post,apparently wasn’t good enough, so let’s all pretend it never happened.

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I appreciated the “RedAlert!” name :slight_smile:, can’t wait to go home and try it out. So you’re appreciated. Ignore the newcommer. :slight_smile: