Botcha footwear plugin

Footwear creators!

We have just released a new version of botcha for Rhino! You can get it from the package manager, from our website or food4rhino. This new release include some experimental features for lace creation and more!

If you want to get a quick introduction of the plugin and how to use it you can check out this tutorial that goes over the basic functionality, more will come in the near future. If you have any question please do reach out to us!



Is it free forever?

Hi @adel
the plugin will be free as long as it is in BETA. Once we are satisfied with the feature we have it will be paid.


When is the final release and what is the expected price ?
Thank you in advance

Is this BotchaXRhino similar to uvmhopper? The experiment looks quite interesting. :slightly_smiling_face:

We are looking at other plugins such as XNurbs, Bongo and similar to determine what is the appropriate pricing for the amount of utility that we are providing. Hope this helps


Hi Alberto,

Will the Botcha plugin support Rhino Sub-D objects?


HI @simon7,

I am not 100% sure what you mean with “support”, we have already support for uv editing, remapping for SubD. We have yet to refine support for the modifiers that behaves a bit weirdly at the moment (on subs and NURBS surf)

Does this answer your question?