BooleanDifference Error

Can anyone help me solve this problem! Solid subtraction is unsuccessful
but Autocad 、Digital Project、 Solid subtraction is successful
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Digital Project
Rhino 6.34

The internal red face seems coincident with the grey part. If I extend the red part so it properly interferes with the grey part, the boolean works. Can then trim it back to the original size.

thank you for your reply ,I have created about 300 transom,Only one entity fails to subtract,There is a 0.1mm gap between the cutting entities。

But the round hole entity difference set basically all failed。

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for one side I think you are working too far from world origin, that leads to calculation problems.
about the red cylinders, if you rotate them a bit, the boolean works just fine I think is a problem with the seam of the cyliner.
in some of them there are incomplete intersections:

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thank you for your reply
In this example, rotating the tube can indeed solve this problem, but in Grasshopper, there is no way to know the angle of rotation in advance, I think this method will not work。
Is this a bug? The entity subtraction failure situation has existed for many years. I tried the latest Rhino7.7, but it did not solve this problem.

mmm I think it is a problem from GH I saw several topics about boolean issues with objects created in GH, if the same ojects are created n palin rhino. it works as it should

It seems not to be a matter of being far from the origin - it looks like a bug to me, for the cylinders. The other intersection/Boolean is handled OK in V7.

RH-64895 SSX: partial intersection


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First of all thank you for your patient answer
This error is terrible. There is no prompt failure in GH, and the manual operation of entity difference in Rhino will also fail. Now I cannot guarantee that the cutting of each profile is correct. The hole size cannot be modified, Can the problem be solved only by optimizing the edge of the profile?
Moreover, even if the edge of the profile is optimized, there is no guarantee that the cutting will be successful, right?

I insist with a GH problem because if I remake the extrusion with rhino tools, everything works fine
I projected a curve over your profile, extruded it and then sustracted the cylinders.

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Thank you for your reply, I try to optimize the contour in order to solve the problem of cutting failure