Boolean Difference keeps failing!

I’m trying to boolean difference the orange objects but it keeps failing!

Infinity.3dm (1023.6 KB)

The attachment didn’t get linked correctly, perhaps you can edit your post and correct it so that the link works…

For information on why Boolean operations might fail, you can also read this:

I think it’s ok now, thanks for noticing!

Your “8” is good and closed, but it is self-intersecting and the intersection area goes through where the Boolean operation fails. To have a correct model, you will need to explode the main part, then use Split/Trim to trim away the unneeded parts, then Join back together to create a single, non-overlapping volume. Then the Boolean difference will work.

Infinity_Fixed.3dm (1.3 MB)

Thanks for the advise, really appreciate it! However I can’t open the file because I’m working on Rhino 6.

Sorry, here it is in V6 format.
Infinity_Fixed_V6.3dm (1.2 MB)

RhinoFileVersion plugin displays Rhino file version number in the command line when you open a file. For example: “Opening a Rhino 7 format file.” You can download this free plugin from here: RhinoFileVersion | Food4Rhino