Boolean Difference Facade Model Help

Hi all, I’ve assembled a facade model for a building analysis and want to do a boolean difference of the exterior to show the depths of the balconies, expressed structure etc., as if it was casting a negative in plaster/concrete. I’ve attempted using a boolean difference with a rectilinear block however with whatever arrangement of surface explosions/block sizes I can’t seem to get it to work. Can anybody help?
220217_facade test.3dm (7.1 MB)

Where do you want the boundaries of the block to be?

Hi Ryan - all this bit is separate surfaces-

That should be all joined up for any BU to work, but I am not clear on the goal - are you ignoring the balconies etc or is that all part of the ‘negative’?



Hi Pascal, thanks for this, I need to include the balconies as well yes. Does the boolean work solely on a single exterior, joined polysurface?

Hi Ryan - more like this?

Booleans can work on single surfaces but do not consider a set of unjoined surfaces as one thing - it will try to act on each, which fails.

@ryanhillier38 - this is what I got - I am not sure it is what you want and it is bit of hoop-jumping with Booleans to get there…
220217_facade test_maybe.3dm (6.1 MB)


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Thanks for the help, that’s useful in going forward with Booleans and the project itself.