Book recommendation?

I have been using Rhino3D now for a few years starting with Rhino version 5. I’m up to version 7. I’ve used Grasshopper and I’ve begun doing some Python scripts. I’ve read through the Math Essentials by Rajaa Issa. I’d like to try to understand more about geometric modeling and I do much better with a book in my hands when studying instead of reading off a computer screen. So I’m looking for suggestions of books or authors I should look for. There seem to be many that were written in the 1990’s but I don’t know how applicable they are today. Any suggestions appreciated.

I’m still learning also so I van recommend Architecture Geometry book as it’s essential besides essential mathematics and essential algorithms

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And yeah this books is published in 2007 and it has more releases after that till 2015

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Most books are outdated at this point, which often times brings additional challenges for beginners to the table, since you have to figure out alternative components (which were replaced). This quickly gets old.
Also I feel like books are not really the best way to teach or learn Grasshopper!
I’m writing here about learning the application itself, what the components do, etc… Books can be a tremendous resource, once you get in a little deeper, and want to explore geometric or other algorithms behind or beyond some of the Grasshopper functionality.

For beginners, YouTube or other video platforms currently are by far the best resource.
Here are some quality channels that I know of:

Thanks for the ideas. Is there an author for the book Architecture Geometry? I’m having difficulty finding that title.
I’m doing okay with Grasshopper functionally. I can do most of what I want.
I’m trying to understand more of the concepts underlying geometric modeling. One of the problems is simply terminology. I’ve learned a lot since finding the terms “geometric modeling” and “differential geometry” and now “architectural geometry”.

I think I found the book. Architectural Geometry by Helmut Pottmann, et al. Heavy book, nearly 2 pounds.

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Yup those are the authors and this books is very recommend by Arturo tudasci and other people from ZAHA as it gives u a solid understanding of geometric constraints and properties and applying them using Rhino and computational tools and case studies for many buildings also

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Elements of Parametric Design by Woodbury is a great book on some basics, but if you have experience with a lot of your own gh definitions it won’t help you now. I read it when starting and it was a good resource.

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yup this one is helpful for undertanding the logic of parametric design

Thanks guys. I’ve requested the Architectural Geometry book from my library’s inter library loan. I’d love to look at it before plopping down the money. It’s interesting to me that Amazon sells it for $149, 1st edition, and Bently Institute Press, the publisher, sells something (not sure if physical book or digital) for $80. Haven’t found any editions other than the 1st.

Sorry for my late response, but I didn’t notice ur reply
The rest of tye books are named as Advanced Architecture Geometry

Thanks. I appreciate that information. I’ve been working through the 1st edition of Architectural Geometry and find it both good and/but a little disappointing. It’s good because it does describe many terms and ideas that I have been a little unclear about. It’s disappointing because some of the examples are difficult to follow the way they are presented, there are no practice problems, and in some cases it leaves me wanting more detail especially on the helix. But I’m probably being a little unfair because the book is huge enough already. It would take 2 volumes to give me the stuff I want. And using Rhino I can create problems of my own to practice on and try some of the transformation principles.

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how exactly did this link help you in regards of modelling?