Bongo 3 WIP 4

I would like to buy Bongo as I expect to be animating more in the future - I have trialled Bongo 2.0. I am keen on the release of Bongo 3.0. Should I wait until it is released to buy it or will the upgrade be complimentary if I were to buy Bongo 2.0 now? Do you have a release date (ok if vague) for Bongo 3.0?

@b_o Bongo 3 is still in WIP. After the WIP stage there’s still the Beta stage, so it will still take some time. The product will be released when it’s ready.

Thank you! From your answer I presume buying Bongo 2.0 then paying the upgrade would be the best course of action. Thank you for replying so rapidly.

Do you know if I ll be able to export Bongo animations into Unreal Engine ?

Joshua is working on making FBX Export (and Import) available for Bongo 3 and Unreal Engine should be able to import that.


Very good, thank you,

The pivot points whether it s with Rhino or Bongo cannot be positioned and ‘’ baked ‘’ for export into unreal engine at this moment unfortunately. I can manipulate the pivot axis in Unreal but ideally if I can prep up all my geometries with all its local coordinate axis in Rhino and then export the model using Datasmith exporter, that would be awesome. But anyways I can still manage by playing around with the pivot points in Unreal, however I find it imprecise and sort of clumsy if I dare say so. I d rather do it all within the Rhino environment.

Thank you


hi @marika_almgren, all,

Do you know if we will be able to open Bongo 2 animations in Bongo 3? And then export as FBX?



Yes, Bongo 3 should be able to open Bongo 2 files and then you’ll be able to export them.

this is great news! without any commitments, when do you expect to release this feature in the WIP? next month? next year? It would be extremely useful for a current project need we have now.



Unfortunately we don’t have a timeline for this, it will be in the WIP notes ones it’s in.
By following the issue you’ll be able to get updates on how the feature is proceeding.