Boat design in Rhino

This is an earlier boat design done with Rhino.

That was molded in a three piece ‘direct to female’ CNC tooled mold made by Precision Shapes of Virginia. The mold itself looked flawless and when the hull came out it was looked at very carefully by Bob Perry and I and seemed very fair. The hull got some local fairing bog along the hull centerline and keel root where the three pieces bolted together and primer and we were all thrilled to see how the black high gloss still looked great. The least little imperfection will jump out at you in gloss Awlgrip! I spent a lot of time using the Zebra stripes on the 3d hull model when doing the design in Rhino and it all paid off. The tooling programmer at PSOV was very complimentary on the degree of the surfacing. We had hoped to get three or four pulls off of that female mold which was surfaced with a product called DuraTec. Pity that the boat itself has never been launched and has been in build for over 5 years!


Fantastic, thank you for sharing!