Blue iPhone 6s

i started out modeling the phone since i had one sitting on my desk when my new calipers arrived and i wanted to play with them for a minute…
ended up doing the whole phone though :slightly_smiling:


looks like you were too busy modelling it, to answer it… :smiley:


Which calipers did you end up buying, Jeff — if I can be so bold to ask?


they’re sweet.

Wow! Dial seems to me to be so 20th century. Can I ask why you chose the dial over the digital? I know in my own case I pretty much need the digital so my aging eyes don’t need to read the vernier or the teeny graduations of the dial. It also provides push-button english/metric conversion. Works great as a C-clamp too! (just kidding).

i don’t need calipers often… one or two times a month…
if i were taking a bunch of different measurements or otherwise using them a lot, i’d go with digital…
but i find a slight joy in using the old school versions.

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I can relate to that! Happy New Year. :slightly_smiling:

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I’ve got these digital absolute calipers from Mitutoyo, and love them, if you just want a point of reference for the future gear wishlist :slightly_smiling:

… and nice phone by the way :wink: