Blocks Performance in V7

opening a very simple dwg from autocad with a few floor plans the viewport was almost unmovable when zoomed out for an oversight. zooming in into details increased the speed to kind of normal.

the same file opened in rhino 5 works blazingly fast without changing a thing. so i found out that it contains a couple of blocks, 84 to give it a number and after exploding them the viewport reacted normal in V7.

i can not share the file since its confidential, at least i can show a low res screen shot to give you an overview of what i am talking about.

maybe it is related to this topic

The only way to really examine and tune performance is by looking at models like this. How does the V7 performance compare to V6?

yes, rhino 6 handles that file pretty good without having to explode blocks.

so i created a random file in V7 with a few lines and hatches and about the same amount of blocks and i felt no laggy experience, so maybe really something particular with this file.

once i explode the blocks in V7 the performance is almost on par with V5. while zooming with the wheel on the mouse in and out feels just the best on V5, V7 is not far behind (it just takes a split second more to zoom at least it feels a bit slower) and definitely better than V6.

what i also noticed is that some text does not get loaded in V7. i will send you the file via PM.

It seems V7’s block processing needs much improvement.

I witnessed similar issues which is being investigated.

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i actually saw that topic but i could not find it anymore, thanks for referencing it.

Hi guys,
I just have to mention that since jumping to R6 and R7, 2d blocks are slowing down the performance dramatically. Even though it got a bit better. But sadly for us, blocks for us are not an option nowadays. Was pointing that out here Curve block - performance

(Not mentioning the problem with a draw order, that blocks suffer from.)

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same here, we cannot use R7 for our architectural projects!! already bought 2 licenses …
Please fix ASAP !

I will post a file for reference later…



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It’s get laggy when opening files dwg files with simple blocks in r6 and 7 also

mmmh, the extreme lagginess is gone after the latest release candidate update… still seems to be slower in R7 though, which it really shouldn’t IMHO.


guys, @dan @stevebaer @pascal it is unworkable with a cad file full of blocks, blocks which are actually needed. the entire screen freezes so hard that i always have to deactivate them to get navigating. i can send in a file via pm or however.

but this is a major concern, i am grinding my teeth over this. it is seriously not possible to work productive like that!

Have you tried V8 with metal display enabled?

not yet, but since you say so i get my hopes up that it will be ok at some point. any chances that it will improve for V7 still?

i actually wanted to wait for an m1 till i try the wip8 and i can not experiment too much right now so i did not even install it…

Metal is still in early development, but we are seeing orders of improvement in performance.

We’ll keep fixing what we can for performance in V7, but it will be very much a case by case basis

sounds good. but i just wonder what happened in v7 regarding blocks? i mean on the screen its just a few curves nothing else than the rest, at least from how i understand it. so i just wildly guess there might be an accidental knot which throttles the performance rather than a graphics issue?

Anything’s possible. Can you verify the display is slower in V7 than V6 for this model?

not right now i am afraid, rhino 6 was only an evaluation, after downgrading to catalina i did not bother installing it anymore. but from what i wrote above and trying to remember it must have been faster in v6 regarding blocks.