Block instances in assembler plugin

I want to make some block instances in grasshopper by geometries and their rotations in assembler plugin

Like :
• block - a : 0°
• block - a : 90°
• block - a : 180°
• etc.

also i’m using Rhino 8.

We will need more info to be able to help. What is the assembler plugin?

this plugin
I want to import my modules in the form of block instances, and after converting them to mesh, I give them to the assembler engine, and according to the rules of the plugin, the modules are rotated. My problem is that when baking the whole work, the rotation of the modules is not done by the assembler. had done, it ignore

Do the Assembler example files work for you? On food4Rhino it says Rhino 7, but it will load via package manager in Rhino 8.

yes they work
i also downloaded through the package manager in rhino8