Big issue with scaling of model through units

Hi all,

I scaled a model using the File>Setting>Units panel and it went terribly wrong. It seems that not all objects are scalled and the display is unstable and disrupted with crazy lines (not selectable) going in all directions.
Here are some pictures.
Any tips in trying to understand the source of the problem and a way to fix it would be awesome.

Also exporting some of the geometry to a new file doesn’t work.
Even copied or exported to a new file, the geometries still have thes crazy wires and display issues.

Is your geometry far from origin? Select everything, type _move pick a point of your building and type W0. Does this solve the problem?

This happened to me yesterday. When I closed Rhino and reopened, I was relieved that the lines were gone. Have no idea what might have caused those lines.

Hello- can you repeat the problem? Can you please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and copy/paste the results here?