Big Files with a lots of point

Hi everybody, I have files containing a lots of points (all of them contains informations) and when I
execute the function Rhino.Command("_-Export myfile.3dm ", vbFalse) it takes really too long. Is there a way to be faster?

Hi @Markus_Erhardt,

How many points is a lot of points?

If there was, I suspect we’d have done it by now.

About the only thing I can suggest is to use a point cloud, rather than a bunch of individual points.

– Dale

Dale I have looked carefully at my code. In fact we use Some Rhino Script and Rhino function in VB6 so it is really long. Because every point is manipulated like an entity. So asking every time Rhino functions from the VB6 code is not the good option.
I think I will have to manage everypoint in an Array at the beggining, this array will contains all the datas (points, and DatasObject).

I Insert into my vb6 code a dll coded in C# using RhinoCommon (is RhinoCommon Faster than the RhinoScript we used in VB6)?
What is your advice ?

RhinoCommon is faster than RhinoScript, yes.

– Dale

But the export itself won’t be faster.

Yep, this is very true.

I decided to access to Rhino only once. Get every entities and not asking more to Rhino because it takes too long to process something.