[BETA] “Allow embedding” option is missing


Im trying the BETA version, which works great. Only in iFrame embedding it on my website (Test environment) , I encounter a loadingpage that doesnt solve. I checked the steps in Iframe embedding and I noticed the “Allow embedding” option is missing for my model.

Did I miss something? Could this be the explanation for my model not loading (it loads fine in the shapediver 1.0 version)?

Thanks in advance, Thomas

I just visited your website here: Test environment
The configurator loads correctly for me. Can you tell me what you see, including possible console logs of the web browser.

Hi Mathieu,

Thanks for your swift reply. I feel a little stupid I must say. Indeed on other devices / browsers it worked. The problem with my combo was that I was blocking cookies. Apperently these are needed. So I unblocked cookies and now it works. Good to know these are mandatory. :slight_smile:

Hi @moondoor, our iframe page does not set any cookies, i.e. I don’t think this is the issue. When visiting your test environment the embedded iframe works, and I can see a single cookie being set, name beng_proxy_session for domain moondoor.nl.