Beta 5 questions

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Hi @enric ,
What does this means ?

This add the functionnality of baking VA objects from the new Rhino 8 content cache ? Or it was concerning a previous bug ?

Many thanks

Unfortunately, “Context Cache” is not yet supported. This Beta 5 fixed a bug introduced in a previous Beta that broke “normal” bake.


Currently there is no public SDK for “Context cache”, so third-party developers cannot use this feature. But I met last week with one of the McNeel developers of the new “Context Cache” component, and he explain a workaround that I’ll try to implement for Beta 7, as Beta 6 is just around the corner.


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Thanks for your response, nice to ear that context cache support is on the way :slight_smile:

I have some workaround to bake VA objects, but it’s a bit messy when it comes to have some interactivity/delete prior bakes…