Best books to learn math/physics in relation to grasshopper

What books? Where should I start, assume basic math skills, basic physics, I have read all the PDF’s online. I want to develop some advanced custom components…

Decide what you want your plugin to do exactly and go from there (Google the topics). Without deciding what the plugin should do, you are shooting in the dark.

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Yes, Michael is right. Pick up a plugin. Plugin developers do mention on what technology,math or logic the plugin was developed. U can use those keywords to explore deeply. For now I would suggest “Nature of Code” by Daniel Shiffman for general understanding of how to mimic natural forces into computer code.

This. :slight_smile:

Okay thanks for the help. I have read the Essential Mathematics.
Say I wanted to build a FEA/Structural Load simulator/calculator. What would I read then? or work for this company

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Just start small. Find key words, find books ,articles and research papers.

I’m trying… it seems its either very complicated PHD research work or basic tutorials. Not finding a lot in between in terms of tutorials/walk troughs for lower/mid-level algorithm development.

BTW The Nature of Code is amazing!