Bending a mesh along a curve

Hi All,

I’m trying to bend a mesh around a curve. I’ve been using the bend command, but the results are really ugly. Are there any other functions to try?

sci-fi_wall - curved - 100x120x25cm SCA 002 forum.3dm (14.3 MB)

Hi @simon9
The reason for the result looking so bad is that the mesh you are using is really low-res - at least in some of the areas being bend. Rhino’s Bend command uses what it’s given, and in this case it’s a very coarse mesh. From the layer name I reckon you’re already familiar with ShrinkWrap, so use it with a much smaller edge length (probably around 0.5) and bend that instead. Also, what I take is the original input in the “Flatpanel (Robin)” layer is a bloody mess. There’s non-manifold edges all over. It might sound harsh, but garbage in, garbage out :grimacing:
I’m attaching a quick ShrinkWrap version with a target edge length of 0.5mm. The “original” shrinkwrapped version is still there, just hidden. OK, so not attaching, as it’s too big… Download link:

HTH, Jakob

Hi Jakob,

Thanks for helping out.

Unfortunately we are not designing our own Meshes. We work for customers who make there own designs without any regard to my sanity.

Shrinkwrap is a godsend, I have been using it quite a lot. I do use a very shot edge length, but I did get into the habbit of reducing the result straight after shrinkwrapping to get a less intensive mesh. Also since we are mainly doing CNC work in styrofoam, there is no real reason to keep the polygoncount so high. But in this case I should have reduced it after bending, I suppose.

My PC is quite beefy, didn’t you have any issues bending this high poly mesh? My framerate drops down to ~1 frame per seconds when I try it. I’ve attached my system info as well for comparisons.

systeminfo.txt (2.6 KB)

Hi Simon - how about this - split the mesh up vertically and Join it again - that will in a very back handed way increase the resolution in the direction needed to Bend, or Flow.